Awards Process

Public Voting

All eligible nominations and votes must be submitted through The Wammie Awards Awardforce platform. Account Users are encouraged to vote for as many nominees as they like.

Account users MUST confirm their e-mail address upon registration via an automated Awardforce email.

Existing account users can use their previous login credentials.

ONLY one Awardforce account is permitted per person.

Email for direct help from The Wammies Team!

Determining Factors

If there is a tie for 7th Place, then all tie-breakers will become Finalists.

An Artist may only become a finalist for one genre of a Best Artist-Group Award Category.

For example: The same artist cannot be a finalist for both Best Rock Artist-Group and Best Pop Artist-Group

The same song cannot be a finalist for both Best Rock Song & Best Pop Song

Only (1) nominated song and (1) nominated album per artist can become a Finalist across any/all genre award categories.

If there is more than (1) song or album by an artist nominated in multiple award categories, the song and/or album with the most votes will be chosen to represent that artist in the Finalist Judging Round.

For example: An artist has 3 singles of different genres nominated. If all 3 songs make it to the finalist round, the 2 songs with the lower votes will be removed from the Finalist ballot.

Artist Promotion Rules During Voting & Judging

Nominees are encouraged to share their Wammie Awards nomination(s) – promotional content will NOT be provided by The Wammies team.

Nominees may encourage fan bases to vote for their nomination(s) in January.

Nominees may NOT offer payment, compensation, gifts, or rewards of any kind in exchange for votes.  

If it has been proven that there has been payment, compensation, gifting, or rewards offered, promised, or delivered in exchange for Wammie Awards votes, the nominee and all subsequent nominations will be disqualified and removed from the Wammie Awards platform.

Wammies Music Industry Judges

Each year, up to 100 music industry professionals are appointed to judge the Wammie Awards Finalists. This pool of Music Influencers decides The Wammie Awards Winners.

Music Writers, Reporters, & Critics: 50% of Music Industry Vote
Non-Performing Music Industry Professionals – 50% of Music Industry Vote
Includes educators, radio hosts, DJs, Club Owners, Producers, sound engineers, recording studio executives, musician union representatives, and other music industry professionals who do not currently promote music on a platform for sale/streaming.

All Industry Judges are:
Experienced with a minimum of (5) years in the music industry
Relevant to DMV Music Scene
Community Stakeholders
Cleared of Conflicts of Interest

To be confidential until the Judging Period concludes
Interested in being a Judge for the 2024 Wammie Awards? Email to be considered.
Determining Winners
Music Industry Judges will evaluate and score each Finalist separately. The Finalist with the highest combined score from the Music Industry Judges wins the category.
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