Award Categories

Music Genre Award Categories

Decided by Public Voting & Industry Judge Scoring
Updated for 2023 – Award categories will not be awarded which do not have a minimum of three (3) nominees.
** NEW IN 2023
Best Country/Americana Album
Best Country/Americana Artist-Group
Best Country/Americana Song
Best Electronic/Techno Artist-Group
Best Electronic/Techno Song **
Best Folk/Bluegrass Album **
Best Folk/Bluegrass Artist-Group **
Best Folk/Bluegrass Song **
Best Funk/Blues Album **
Best Funk/Blues Artist-Group **
Best Funk/Blues Song **
Best Go-Go Artist-Group
Best Go-Go Song
Best Gospel/Inspirational Artist-Group
Best Gospel/Inspirational Song
Best Hard Rock/Punk Album
Best Hard Rock/Punk Artist-Group
Best Hard Rock/Punk Song
Best Hip-Hop Album
Best Hip-Hop Artist-Group
Best Hip-Hop Song
Best Jazz Album
Best Jazz Artist-Group
Best Jazz Song
Best Latin Artist-Group
Best Pop Album
Best Pop Artist-Group
Best Pop Song
Best R&B/Soul Album
Best R&B/Soul Artist-Group
Best R&B/Soul Song
Best Rap Album
Best Rap Artist-Group
Best Rap Song
Best Rock Album
Best Rock Artist-Group
Best Rock Song
Best Ska/Reggae Artist-Group **
Best Ska/Reggae Song **
Best World Music Artist-Group

General Interest Award Categories

Decided by Public Voting & Industry Judge Scoring
Do Good Award: A Wammies DMV Region individual or organization (artist, musician, band, or institution) that has championed a social cause that benefits the DMV music community as a whole.

Best Music Video: (New for 2023) Presented for the best video representation of a nominated song. Video must be:viewable through a publicly searchable platform such as YouTube or Vimeo (eg. must be “public” meaning it can be searched for and found, not just “unlisted” which requires having the direct link). for music that was linked in an eligible nomination for one of the Best Song, Best Artist-Group, or Best Album nominees for this year’s Wammie Awards.

Music Media Award: A Wammies DMV Region media entity, website, platform, or social media account that has excelled in enriching, educating, and entertaining via regional content delivery methods.

Best Music Studio: A music recording studio within our regional community that has actively produced music in the eligible award year.

Best Music Venue: A music venue, nightclub, or restaurant from our regional community that has actively hosted live performances in the eligible award year.

Best Youth Artist-Group: (New for 2023) A performing artist or group that is made up of youth 18 years of age or younger. All music genres are eligible for this award. Artists/Groups nominated in other award categories ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE to be nominated for Best Youth Artist-Group. Member(s) of this Artist-Group must all have been under 18 years of age during all, or part, of this Wammie eligibility year. Must meet all other eligibility criteria. Parent/guardian permission is required to win.

Community Interest Award Categories

Decided by The MusicianShip
Music Educator Award, Presented by DCPS: (New for 2023) A teaching artist in our public schools who has made the most noteworthy effort to change the trajectory of youths through music education.

Music Advocacy Award: An individual or group that has undertaken undeniable efforts to positively affect local legislation and/or public policy that positively affects The DMV’s regional music culture and the communities it serves.

Music Trailblazer Award: (New for 2023) A DMV Native (within Wammies eligibility region)   who embodies an ongoing commitment to creative excellence while making significant contributions to uplift the DMV’s music community.

Lifetime Achievement Award: (New for 2023) An individual or group whose lifelong and unwavering support of the DMV Music Community through advocacy, education, equity, live performance, philanthropy, or other service has created opportunity and/or changed lives.

How the Award Categories Change Each Year

The Wammie Awards Committee adjusts the genre categories based on the activity in the music scene each year. There are up to 3 general types of awards given, Best Artist-Group, Song, & Album.
Modifying the categories awarded each year based on the community involved allows for: The Wammie Awards to react to the changing types of music that are being produced by artists locally in the DC Region’s music scene.

The Awards to be competitive & unbiased
Updated for 2023 –
Award categories will not be awarded which do not have a minimum of three (3) nominees.
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